Taking place on the world of Krynn, Dragonlance, during the Age of Mortals the campaign takes place all over Ansalon, with a large part taking place in the Jewel of Solamnia, Palanthas. The state of the world is in change with the return of the Gods close to four years ago, after a absents of decades. The Dark Knights are divided with Lord Baltasar Rennold’s “True Knights”, Knights of Neraka who embody the honor of the past, emerging as the major faction. Only a few other factions pose any threat to the world at large, chief among them the Knights of the Bone, Dark Knights who have taken up worship of Chemosh, Lord of Death. The Legion of Steel is working to undermine their efforts more then ever, now that most of the Dragon Overlords have been defeated. A rather new item has been taking the world by storm, that being the Palanthas Herald. The one and only Newspaper that has been in print for a little over three years now has seen major success, with copies springing up as far away as the Minotaur Empire. In the region of Abanasinia a nine month long drought as caused many of the plains people to look for some source of water. They are faced with lack of water and a decrease in food due to herds moving away from the region. The Knights of Solamnia have begun to repair many of the castles and towers the Dark Knights left in ruins after taking back Northern Solamnia, places like the High Cleric’s Tower are still years away from being fully functional. The repairs and reconstuction has put a strain on the pockets of many Nobles and Lords causing in increase in taxes all round the realm. The Knighthood itself has had a increase in Knights, but still are unmanned and in need of men of honor. This has caused them to leave only minimal troops at outpost across the land. The Elfs have lost both their homelands, with one overrun by goblins and bandits and the other now controled by the Minotaur Emipre. They are living in ghettos in cities across continent, with some forming towns in remote areas. The Dwarfs of Thorbardin have been in politcal uproar, lead by Jungor Stoneslinger, over the failed evacuation of the Elfs of Qualinesti that lead to the deaths of hundards of Dwarfs, with the blame being place mostly on High Thane Tarn Bellowgranite, making his future uncertain. The other Kingdom of Thoradin is under the control of Dark Dwarfs and has been in a close allience with the “True Knights”, entering into the Treaty of Hammer-Sword, a treat that formed a military and trade allience between the two. Rumors of the Dark Knights trying to sign a treaty with Thorbardin have been flying around, but nothing has come of it so far.

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