St. Bernard

Fanatical Priest of Kiri-Jolith


Bernard is a Solamnic in his late twenties, but looks older thanks to the wrinkles aroud his eyes. He has dirty blond hair with a hint of gray. He stands about 6 feet tall and wears brown and golden robes with a breatplate that has the bison horn etched on it. He carries a mace at his side and can usally be seen writing or reading from scrolls around Palanthas.


Bernard was once a squire to the Knights of Solamnia, but after the return of the Gods he claims to have recieved a vision from Kiri-Jolith. In the vision Bernard claims to have seen the end of the world. Bernard claims the end of the world will came about due to the sinful and arrogant nature of the people of Solamnia. He believes the main cause of the End to be the Temple of The Dark Queen in Palanthas, claiming that only by destoring the temple will the world survive the coming evil. Since his vision Bernard has lead many rallies on the steps or near the temple with his followers growing every time, it is believed he has around 1,500 to 2,000 follows around the Palanthas area. The last rally held on the temple steps resulted in Bernard trying to enter the temple only to have the Last Priest of Takhisis stop him by exploding in a ball of fire killing the priest and a number of Bernard’s follows, and badly injuring Bernard. Since then Bernard has healed and was jailed for a number of charges surrounding the “Exploding Priest” event, as the people of Palanthas are now calling it. Recently Bernard was released from jail and he is currently back to preaching the End with his follows increasing in number, thanks to the recent attack on the Solamnic city of Garnet which Bernard says is just the start of the End.

St. Bernard

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