Lord Elgon uth Winston


Elgon is a man in his early thirties who stand about 5’10. He has black hair and brown eyes and is of Solamnic descent. He can usally be seen wearing rather expansive merchant cloths of a navy blue color or his dark knight armor which is made up of an well crafted breastplate with detailed cravings of lilies and a blood red silk cape.


Elgon uth Winstin was born out of wed lock like his father, who is the illegitimate son of the famous Solamnic knight Gunthar. Elgon followed in his father’s foot steps and become a dark knight, but unlike his father, who is honored as a hero from of Chaos War, Elgon turn out to be an average knight. The reason for this being Elgon’s focus on his merchant trade. Elgon turned out to be a much better merchant then a knight and as a result advanced little in the knighthood until his services proved useful. Having connections in almost every major port city, Elgon created a plan to use these connections to get more knights into cities like Sanction. This plan was adapt by the “True Knights” which bumped Elgon up in the ranks rather fast. His ultimate goal is the capture of Santion, a city he feels is vitual for the survival of the knighthood or his trade.

Lord Elgon uth Winston

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