Sir Cam Rhodes


Cam Rhodes is a man in his mid to late twenties. He stands a little over 6 feet tall and has a large build. His most noticable feature is red hair with grey running on both sides. He is know to women as being handsome and charming fellow, but he tends to focus on his role in the knighthood. He can usally be found wearing his chain armor with a tabard featuring knightly symbols on top. Unlike most knights who use a sword or lance, Sir Rhodes has studied the use of the halberd and is never with out it.


Sir Cam Rhodes is a secound generation Dark Knight and old friends with Martiln Shiftwolf. Cam has spent much of his life focused on the knighthood, but as of late has begun to question much of their goals and tactics. Because of this he has been feeding both the Solamnics and Legion of Steel info on Dark Knight plans for Sanction and the region. There are some rumors that the reason for his turning on the Dark Knights may be related to a woman.

Sir Cam Rhodes

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