Sir Martiln Shiftwolf


Martiln Shiftwolf is a Solamnic that sounds about 5’11, has blond hair and green eyes. He has a light build and is more agile then most knights. He favors light armors, mostly studded leather and a rapier to the normal heavy armor and longsword of most knights.


Shiftwolf is orignally from Solamnia on the New Sea coast, but comes from a poor family. He spent much of his teens working on ships in or around the New Sea and worked his way up to first mate. After a few voyages as a first mate the ship Shiftwolf was on was attack by a group of pirates. Many of the crew were killed or left for dead after the attack, but luckly for Martiln he was recused by a passing ship. This ship turned out to be a Nerakan ship with the then Commander Rennold on board. Rennold saw promise in Martiln and took him under his wing. Martiln trained with Rennold for many years and their relationship grew. Martiln saw Rennold as a second father and Rennold look to Martiln as a son he never had. After completing his trials Martiln recieved an old pendent from Rennold that he had received from Ariakan Ariakas founder of the Dark Knights. Rennold placed Martiln under Lord Winstin as a way of keeping check, Rennold’s trust in Winstin is slim at best. Martiln is a strong beleiver in the Vision and in the knighthood and it’s ideals of a one world order.

Sir Martiln Shiftwolf

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